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Regular checkups are far more important than many people realize. Most dental offices perform multiple tasks at this check-up visit.

Cavities can be detected by your dental provider before you start feeling symptoms. Receiving treatment during the very early stages of a cavity can be accomplished at times without the need to drill on the tooth.

Your doctor will be able to detect other problems you or your child may have during a routine examination. Bulimia, acid reflux disease, Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ), and even stress-related illnesses are more easily treated the earlier they are diagnosed.

Gum disease can be detected before serious gum disease occurs. Even with preventive regular brushing and flossing, the best defense that you have against gum disease and receding gums is your dentist!

Digital X-rays (less exposure, less radiation) are a powerful tool in detecting bone loss, cavities, infection.

The best brushing and flossing cannot keep the teeth completely free of plaque, which is an accumulation of food particles and bacteria. If plaque is not removed at least every 6 months, then the gums may become irritated, red and swollen, and may start to bleed. If they continue to be irritated, over time they may recede (pull back toward the root of the tooth) to the point where they can no longer support teeth.

Strong research today advocates keeping a 6-month checkup appointment with your dentist. Gum disease greatly increases yours and your family's risk for heart disease (the #1 killer of women over 40) and oral cancer (which occurs in about 34,000 Americans each year).

In addition, healthy gums are a sign of your body's overall health. Let your dentist help you stay healthy!